Zoos In Sri Lanka
Even though dangerous living animals are awed and amazed many people like to see going close and get fun with them. Since all the animals beautifully decorate the natural environment they take a main role of the nature.
Zoological gardens in Sri Lanka provide shelter not only for many species of fauna but also for many species of flora which also included endemic species to Sri Lanka. Hence, Zoological Gardens are destinations and popular attractions for the most of foreign and local visitors.

Dehiwala Zoo

Dehiwala Zoo was originally started by one person who name is Hergenberg and at those days his brother was a prominent animal dealer in Europe.
With the goal of "Preservation and Conservation of Various forms of Animals life", presently Dehiwala Zoological Garden has developed as a huge complicated Zoological complex. As this is a one of firstly introduced concept of "Open Air", the Zoo is considered as the first in Asia.
Placed on the outskirts of and 11km (7miles) from greater Colombo, the fauna which has a fine array of collection of species of mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds and fish in the Zoo from all over the world is magnificent and intriguing.
Displaying over 500 species of aquatic life also in showcases, there is a very beautiful aquarium in the Zoo which is the only one of its kind in Asia.
Leopards, Deer, mouse Jackals, Pygmy Hippopotami and Spider Monkeys are the some highlighted animals in the Zoo.
There is a section for the birds' life that provides visitors the chance to walk through this area when birds inhabit their aviary. Including Sri Lanka Jungle Fowl, Mute Swan and Parakeet, more birds can be seen from this part of the Zoo.
Among the many reptiles that are living in Reptiles House of the Zoo, Turtles, Snakes, Estuarine Crocodile are the several ones; some of them are habitats and endemic to Sri Lanka.
Relatively small but enchanting lovers of butterflies in which a house in a special butterfly park with grown shrubs, flowers and Lianas can be seen with visit the Zoo.
An office is there near the entrance point. Since entrance fees are charged by the administrative officers, peoples should get permission to enter the Zoo having tickets. Elephants performances can be seen daily at 5.15 pm. It is open between 8.00am to 6.00 pm.

Pinnawala Elephants' Orphanage
Including large number of Elephants this has established in 1975. Further information have been stated under the Tab "Important Places in Sri Lanka".