Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic medicine with healing system is one of the oldest forms and the oldest approach of medical science know to man originating from 5000 years tradition. This is an approach to healing that has been proven and tested throughout thousand of years and it is only uses medicines without chemicals that are found in nature, it is not only a herbal treatment. The word Ayurveda has derived from one of the pristine language that has called "Sanskrit". Ayurveda is a mix of two words "Ayu" and "Weda". Ayu means life, Veda means Science or knowledge. There are two main aims of Ayurveda, one is to be helped individuals to strengthen their immune system and second one is to be treated symptoms of a disease. Ayurvedic Treatments are done mainly considering human body, mind and spirit as a whole entity and the mind & body affect each other and together to overcome disease. 

As three dosa (Three vital Forces)and Pancha Karma, Ayurveda has divided to two sub categories. One of the fundamental belief is the doctrine of three dosa (Three Vital forces), those are Vayu (Wind), Pitha (Bile) and Kapa (Phlegm). While health means harmony between Body and soul. That has always been the aim of ayurveda.
We should adopt a preventive approach to cure and secure our body and soul from anything that has damaging influence on those. So Ayurvedic medicine is the most suitable way to overcome from decease in your mind and body. 

Ayurvedic Treatments 
Due to the weak digestion, poor diet, incomplete elimination of waste matter of the body, polluton, stress and inadequate sleap lead to accumulate toxic substance in the body, then imbalance Three Dosa and then decrease the health conditions.
By the process of purification and rejuvenation Ayurveda Treatments has designed to gather toxins from the various parts of the body, and then expel those substances from the body. Firstly purification and after that rejuvenation we can receive the benefits from ayurvedic treatment as lasting good health. Following are the main Ayurvedic Treatments.

  • Ayurveda Body Massage
  • Ayurveda Head Oil Application
  • Ayurveda Facial Treatment
  • Ayurveda Herbal bath
  • Ayurveda Herbal Stream Bath
  • Ayurveda Nasal Treatment
  •  Ayurveda Arm Massage
  • Ayurveda Leg Massage
  • Ayurveda Neck & Shoulder Massage
  • Ayurveda Foot Massage