Flower Gardens

Botanical Garden In Sri Lanka
For the purpose aesthetic, ancient kings who were in Sri Lanka used the traditions of cultivating particular lands, and it has long history which goes back about 2000 years. Using those ancient traditions and treatment methods nowadays has survived several royal and new gardens in Sri Lanka, taking the place as the best landscaped in Asia. Three beautiful gardens are there in Island apart from the national park with natural verdure. 

Royal Botanical Garden In Peradeniya

This is also called Peradeniya Flower Garden. Including 150 acres, within a large meandering loop of Mahaweli River which is the longest river in the country, Peradeniya Botanical Garden has established in 1816 during the period of Kandyan Kingdom. The garden has used as a royal pleasure ground that reign and in the reign of king Kirthi Sri Rajasingha (1847-1880) it was a residence and also a royal park. After few years from the kingdom the garden elegantly landscaped and as a beautifully undulating land.
With the spectacular display of the meandering Mahaweli River as well as healthy specimen of more than 400 species of indigenous tropical flora, all know plants in Sri Lanka and much of the species of exotic trees, the Peradeniya flower garden is a most suitable world famous destination among tourists and it has worthy inclusions for any itineraries.
With the surrounded longest river in the country, the Peradeniya Flower Garden which shows the rare sight have been added the beauty and value by various significant parts of  the garden such as  perpetually pretty pink and yellow "Queen of Flowering Trees" (Amherstia Nobilis); the avenue of Royal Palms and a profusion of the coconut's cousins; stroll or motor through the ever-changing vistas; magical glades and groves of myth and marvel; trees heavy with flying fox suspended like fruit; riverside reeds; rushes and thickets of giant Bamboo towering 40m; the avenue of Royal Palms and a profusion of the coconut's cousins; a wealth of healing herbs; a lane of lianas; cacti; orchids (Orchid houses included 300 verities of exquisite Orchids); a forth of ferns; a rockery of ornamentals; the Octagon House or Conservatory; a spice garden; lily-topped lakes and ponds.
Peradeniya Royal Flower Garden can be reached 6km along the Kandy (Mahanuwara) to Hatton road and 109km from the capital city.
Considering with the importance of Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine, this Botanical Garden gives lot of  information for the researches, because of the many species of plants, trees & spices which use for the Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine and are endemic to Sri Lanka as well as exotic are being protected by the Royal Botanical Garden in Peradeniya.

Hakgala Botanical Garden

Hakgala (Haku+Gala) means Jew Rock, it goes up towards the sky a sheer 460 meters. Focusing a land area of Hakgala, an eminent British Botanist established Hakgala Botanical Garden in 1860 consisting smaller extent of land area than Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden and rising to a 1700m elevation. At the beginning of the garden a Cinchona plantation then adapted as an experimental garden in which tropical plants and trees from temperature zone in the tropics are being acclimatized. Including the plants or roses, ferns, montage, shrubs, woodland, ornamental ponds, quaint summerhouse, all the flowers of an English Cottage Garden can be seen in summer a as well as in spring with scenic stunning views and delightful sights ever. According to the legend Hakgala is a part of Himalaya forest in India which was carried by the Monkey - God Hanuman.

Hakgala Botanical Garden also provides a shelter for many species of endemic animals and varities of bird species.
The Garden has established 10km (6 miles) south east from Nuwaraeliya town.

Henarathgoda Botanical Garden
Surrounding by the sanctuary, water streams and a man made green environment and also from beautiful paddy fields, Henarathgoda Botanical Garden is in the Gampaha District which commenced in the year of 1876. Although attention is rarely given to this Garden, it has a considerable long historical value which carries a link to the evolution of Sri Lankan Economy. Because this Botanical Garden is feeding the Pera Rubber Tree (Hevea Brasiensis) since 1876 - present which was firstly imported and firstly planted in Sri Lanka. That ancient original rubber tree is still there and can be visible. Consisting with shrubs, bushes, many species of tropical trees & flower plants are found in the Henarathgoda Botanical Garden.
Since it has situated 30km from Colombo and 5km from Gampaha close to Gampaha Municipality, it is easy to reach.