Water Falls

Water Falls in Sri Lnaka
Radiating from the central mountains, forming a number of water falls in various shapes & size which are breathtaking & rich in beauty, about 103 stream and rivers if the Island flow down among rocky precipices to the sea. Those strongly participate to the development of the country and it is a blessing to the Island and the living beings.
Whereas, all of the naturally made picturesque waterfalls that are magnificent gifts of nature have most commonly placed in central hill country, the most famous mountains can also be viewed with the falls.

Aberdeen Fall
Aberdeen water fall has 98m & 322 feet in its height and has situated in the Aberdeen estate, about 5km away from Laxapana town. The easy way can be got to be reached to the Aberdeen water fall from Gonigathhena City.

Bambarakanda fall
Bambarakanda fall is the highest water fall in Sri Lanka, and it cascades down 263m like a liquid light from its peak. The Kuda oya stream in Uduweriay of Haputhale mountain makes the fall at Horton Plains that is situated in Handumulla in Badulla District. The Bambarakanda Fall can be reached from Weerakoon Village that is between the high way road of Colombo-Badulla, and four miles narrow road to the fall from the village that lied in a forest glade.

Bopath Ella Fall
Because of taking the cascading shape of leaf of a Bo tree, this water fall has named as Bopath Ella (Bopath means leaf of Bo tree and Bo tree is a scared tree in Sri Lanka and also to all the Buddhist). The height of the fall is  40m, and has situated in the Devipahala Village of Kuruwita of Rathnapura District. By the side of the fall there is a restaurant which has same name to the Bopath Ella and serving tourists with good facilities to enjoy. As Kuruwita Batadomba Lena is also in this area the place is in a busy surrounding and famous for among the local tourists.

Devon's Fall
Devon's fall has 97 meters in its height from the top, situated in Devon Estate in Lindula. Since water of the fall flow down in three continuous cascades it viewed peculiar appearance in its formation. So among the most famous and major falls in the Island, Devon's fall is a main one. The fall can be reached from Lindula by the side of the Hatton-Nuwaraeliya road.

Diyaluma Fall
Feeding from the Poonagala Oya, tha Diyaluma or Diya Haluma is 220m high and located in dry zone of the country. Whereas, according to the location & appearance, it often makes to be believed as the highest water fall in the Island, but it is the third highest water fall in Sri Lanka. Diyaluma fall is located near by A4 road which lied between Koslanda and Wellawaya (13 miles from Wellawaya, 6 miles from Koslanda) and flow down underneath the bridge on highway.

Dunhinda Fall
While the highest of the Dunhinda water fall is 63m from head to bottom, feeds from Badulu Oya and it has placed near by Badulla town in Uva Province. Even though, when compare with other water falls this is not very high, about the natural beauty of the Dunhinda water fall is often & mostly spoken. Close to the Dunhinda fall, Kuda Dunhinda water fall can also be seen on the way. Dunhinda fall can be reached 2km away from Badulla-Mahiyanganaya road.

Gerandigini Ella Fall
Owning 100m (300Ft) in its height, gerandigini ella fall has situated in Rathnapura District and very close to the "Ramboda fall". Since a combination of several falls are with the Gerandigini fall (such as Ramboda fall, Gerandi fall), the Gerandigini water fall can be seen in its upper portion which covered with flogs, and in considerable distance away from water fall.

Hunnas Fall
Hunnas water fall is one of the men made falls in Sri Lanka owning 60m (200feets) in its height. The fall has situated close to world famous Kandy city, and made during last kingdom of Island. A famous hotel has constructed a lake for its beauty, and that lake feeds Hunnas fall.

Kurundu Oya Fall (Mathurata Fall)
Feeding from the Kurundu River and having 189m from top to bottom Kurundu Oya water fall that is also called as Mathurata fall is famous as the second highest water fall in Sri Lanka. After cascading down this water fall in to a deep ravine of bottom it flow to Mahaweli River which is the longest river in the Island. Since the fall is in the Nuwaraeliya district it can be reached from Nuwaraeliya- Kandanpola road.

Lakshapana Fall (Veda Hiti Ella) 
The height of the Lakshapana Fall is 129m (413 feet), it is also called as "Veda Hiti Ella" and the old name is "Where a Vedda was". Using the water of the fall has been invented first Hydroelectric project in Sri Lanka. The meaning of the "Lakshapana" is "Hundred thousand of bulbs" because of the abovw mentioned project. From the A7 road, between Kithilgala and Hatton it can be taken a path to reach the Lakshapana fall. Two routes are there. One is Hatton to Maskeliya road this is considered as the most convenient path which is 18km from Hatton then Pathana Village, from there the water fall. The other route is the Lakshapana road from Kaluganga river junction then 14km to Lakshapana Temple, 2.5 km from there to the Lakshapana water fall.

Mapalana Ella Fall
With the 141m height and feeding from the Ella Oya, Mapalana Falls has three portions in sight. The fall is located at the foot of Adam's Peak (Sri Pada, Samana Kanda). This is one f the tallest and meandering formed fall in the Island. It flow down from the Sri Pada carrying crystals, clear water from the springs of the Sri Pada mountain. Due to many reasons (such as gashes of water, wildness sanctuary) it is difficult get near to the fall especially in rainy seasons. Mapalana fall can be got 22km from Rathnapura.

Olu Fall

Olu fall is 15m-18m wide and 100m high. It has placed in Malboda Village of Yatiyanthota. Among the tourists as well as villagers Olu Fall has been famous as safe bathing point. As the rare wooden bridge spans the river, can be crossed  and it will be a good experience for visitors. The Olu fall can be reached from Yatiyanthota town to Malalpola Village (19km) along the high way road of Avissawella to Nuwaraeliya.

Poona Oya Ella Fall
In the height, owning 100m (330Ft), Poona Oya Ella Fall is in the same location of the Ramboda Ella Fall which is closer to it. The Cothmale River is fed by water of five descending water falls consisting with Poona Oya Fall. The fall can be got in 53km away from A4 road.

Ramboda Ella Fall
Having three parts with 203m of total height, Ramboda fall is one of the gigantic falls in Sri Lanka. The first portion of the fall from the top is about 100m high including the forest and is above the road. Three meters away from the road is the second part and third part has 100m below to the road. Standing on the place where Rambpda Inn has situated, visitors can see all the parts of the Ramboda Water Fall. And it is very close to the post of 53km along the A5 trunk road of Nuwaraeliya to Pusellawa and the fall is placed 1.5km away from the high way road.

Rawana Ella Fall
Having 40m (131Ft) this has situated in the dry zone of Welimanda in Nuwaraeliya District and near by Uduwahara Temple, Off Welimanda to Perawella road. The stream is the life of the villagers who make their income by cultivation. The route is Welimanda-Udupussellwa-Ambagasdeva junction- Perawella road-Uduwahara. Uduwahara is the village which Rawana Ella has situated.

Saint Clair's Fall
Having 80m by Maha Ella, 60m by Kuda Ella and also with a 50m range wide, the Saint Clair's Water Fall own these two water falls which make the beauty of the main water fall and situated in Nuwaraeliya District. From water of this fall, the Upper Kothmale Hydro Electric Power Project is lived then flow down to the Kothmale water fall. This majestic water fall can view clearly at 81km and 82km posts of the A4 road. While this is situated 1.5km away from the Talawakele tow, close to the main road of Awissawlla to Nuwaraeliya.

Wavulpane Water Fall
The height of Wavulpane fall is 45 meters. Since this water fall is there in the cavern of Wavulpane subterranean limestone which is 135m in its length & had made 500 million years ago, the fall has been famous among the visitors and it is a significant reason of the Wavulpane water fall and it is also a unique creation of the nature. The Wavulpane water fall can be reached along the way of Pelmadulla-Embilipitiya-Wavulpane.